Sacred Business School

I help  business owners,  find connection, and ways of doing business that supports a future of interconnectedness, taking care of ourselves, our families and all beings on this planet. Including looking at the business basics of costings and budgeting, to ensure that your business is solid from the foundation up. We also learn about how the cycles of the seasons and our bodies can support us, and how to creatively work with ritual and ceremony to be able to plan and implement the change we want to see in this world. 

Sacred Business School Anne Harris

Do you have great Sales..... and no profit....

Feel like its all Flow and Go...... and unsupported and falling....

Life is Full of Awesomeness.... but something is missing....

You've achieved the Goals you've set....... and you still feel unsatisfied

I've experienced all of this and more during my career, and through my art practice and learning about womens mysteries,  I have found a deep sense of connection, support and grounded living. I feel like my life is brighter and I live in full colour and I sleep deeper, I have an embodied sense of awareness and consciousness. These tools are what I have put together to share with you here at the Sacred Business School.

My background is in Retail and Marketing. In my 20’s & 30’s I worked in the Fashion Industry here in Australia, both as a Designer, Buyer and Merchandise Planner. This took me to places all over the world and also into the land of budgets and accountability, and deeply into the world of exploitation and consumerism. For the last 10 years I have been a mother, artist, curator and community facilitator. I work with the earth to listen and see how to share her stories, this has led me to working with the more spiritual side of connection, which I now apply to my business, and share this medicine and earth centred approach to business and living.

Anne Harris Sacred Business school

The online and in-person workshops,  have videos, workbooks and all the templates you need to get going. You can choose either to do this at your own pace, or with me beside you creating a deeper level of accountability. ENROLL NOW

If you would like a group workshop, message me and we can organise either in person or via zoom. Or if you have a specific topic that you would like to share with your employees  I can also speak at your next team building gathering or create a customised workshop to meet your unique needs. 

The topics Include:

* Costings  * Budgeting  * Cycles  * Ritual & Ceremony  * Planning * Ethical Marketing


Anne Harris Public Speaking Sacred Business School Workshops