The Sacred Workroom Podcast

This podcast Explores the Art, Soul and Creative Business of every day, looking at different ways we view the world and interact with it, sharing the stories of connection, belonging and tools to bring balance into the creative way of living.

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November 27,2022

Episode 11 Kuweni Dias Mendis Running Rivers

Kuweni Dias Mendis is a transcontinental  Contemporary Drawing Artist connecting people with the flow of the River. In this conversation Kuweni shares the spiritual embodiment of pigments and place from both Wangerriburra Country (Gold Coast Hinterland Qld) and  Sri Lanka her ancestral home. This creative exploration has led her on a journey to come home to herself and to the decolonisation of her body through the sacred practice of art.

September 22,2022

Episode 10 Anne Harris Belonging

Bringing a body of work to life for an exhibition is Anne's medicine, it is a deeply personal journey of exploration and process. Through this ongoing mindfulness and reflection she gains deeper understanding of self, and how to embody the living world. Belonging shares Anne's thoughts and the impact of Mandates and Covid during the first showing of this exhibition, exploring what it is to  feel like you truely belong. 


September 8,2022

Episode 9 Jude Pippen Awake to the Art of Dying

Jude Pippen lives and walks an inspired life, a teacher and researcher she has worked in the cultural sector with community for over 50 years. For the last 12 years she has journeyed with cancer, now in her third year of a terminal prognosis,  in this conversation she shares her intimate experience of 'Waking to the Art of Dying.  This work was made possible by Funding from ArtsCoast as part of Sunshine Coast Council’s RADF program.


July 1,2021

Episode 8 Anne Harris: Healing Country with Artist Melissa Stannard

Melissa Stannard is a Yuwaalaraay, Gamilaraay and Koama Artist living on Kabi Kabi/Gubbi Gubbi country. She shares her poetic words about the healing that comes from working on country. We talk about inter-generational trauma and how art is a way to bring awareness and gentle conversations in a space of pain, that is respectful and creates a path to explore this important topic. This interview coincides with the NAIDOC – Healing Country exhibition that Melissa co-curated at the Cooroy Butter Factory, Queensland. Connect with Mel on

Facebook or Instagram @melissa.stannard.artist


May 31,2021

Episode 7 - Anne Harris: The Masculine & Feminine with Julie Parker

Julie Parker is a modern day Priestess Editor, Author, Podcast Host, Founder of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and Co-Founder of Priestess Temple School.  In this conversation Julie shares how the masculine and feminine show up in sacred leadership and within the internal landscape of her daily life. We discuss what it is to live as Maga and how Menopause can be revered, we also delve into Julie’s experience of living life as a Priestess.

Connect with Julie  Website  Podcast @julesyparker

May 5,2021

Episode 6 - Anne Harris: Ketakii Jewson-Brown, Lets Play Wild

In this inspiring conversation with Ketaki we discuss the art of photography and how the transition to digital media has been embodied in a creative practice. We also talk about the sensual aspects of play and the inner wild women, and how she works to capture the expressions of this emotion. 

You can find Ketakii in exhibition Let’s Play Wild 7th May to 13th June 2021 at the Butter Factory in Cooroy Sunshine Coast Qld. or on instagram @ketakii_darling

January 22,2021

Episode 5 - Anne Harris: Sacred Business School

Anne shares her story of how the Sacred Business School was born, and the principals and ideas that are at the foundation of doing things differently. Focusing on Earth Centred Wisdom, and our current cultural beliefs about wealth, business and getting work done, she shares why she chooses to embrace this balanced, supportive feminine version of business.

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December 1,2020

Episode 4 – Heidi Merika: Plant Spirit & the Imagination

This is a conversation with Heidi a naturopath and medical herbalist with a passion for wild medicinal and nutritional plants. She is the author of Wildcraft: The Science and Spirit of Wild Plants as Food and Medicine. Today we are talking about her journey to plant medicine and how she uses the imagination as a Segway to knowledge and plant spirit connection. Heidi regularly runs classes and workshops on herbal medicine and plant based nutrition. 

Find out more about Heidi.

December 1,2020

Episode 3 – Lock Up

Anne shares her experience of Three weeks at The Old Lock Up, as an Artist in Residence. During this time she revisits the 16 year old girl/women that was left behind and looks into the shame, fear and guilt that have shut down the memories. She found a lot of healing in this journey, by taking the quiet time to sit in the residency with herself and to accept all of the shadows that are part of who she is.

November 10,2020

Episode 2 – Unseen, Artist In Residence at Maroochy Botanic Gardens

This episode brings the 6 weeks of this residency together. Anne had the opportunity to do four artist talks with small groups of six. This was beautiful, the perfect number to be able to take the time to share the key points of the work that had evolved, and then to have time and space to have conversation with the small group and speak one on one with most people. Anne found this a much more personal way to connect and this episode is a relatively uncut recording of one of those talks.

Check out the Videos from the Residency. 

October 15,2020

Episode 1 - Living a Creative Life

An introduction to a way of living, the story of how Anne grew up in Australia both in the city and in the bush of the Northern Territory and how she was introduced to art and creativity through traditional indigenous culture. Anne speak’s of how this and other early influences have shaped her life and creative expression of an earth centred spirituality. Looking at busy hands and imagination as ways of opening our intuition and unlocking learning pathways.