September 11,2022

This Knowledge – Now

This Knowledge feels like coming home, a maturing of cycles, this Knowledge includes research, collaboration, storytelling, performance, medicinal, spiritual and process based explorations of dye, ink, printing and fibre.
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July 2,2021

Waymburr (Cooktown) 251 Anniversary of Captain Cooks East Coast Voyage

My response to listening and watching up at Waymburr is still permeating, I loved seeing the young ones dancing and singing, also listening to some of the artists tell their stories about country.
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March 2,2021

Why would you Change your Name?

When I committed to becoming an artist, the truth was it scared me I had no idea what I was going to ‘make’ and why this deep-rooted desire wouldn’t go away.
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March 1,2021

The Creation of a lifetime of Annies Workroom by Anne Harris

In January 2013 I began the journey I had dreamed of, to become what felt like an illusive goal of being an artist, of fully committing to truly being this.
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January 5,2017

E. Tereticornis – Residency April 2017 – Bunya

When I began to learn about the old tree, I became aware of the importance of the Bunya Tree. This country is Kabbi Kabbi (Gubbi Gubbi) and I began to learn a small part about the Bunya gatherings that are part of this culture.
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October 16,2015

50 Days with a Cotton Tree – Hibiscus tiliaceus Oct 2015

The journey to make string has taught me so much about being with plants, and the absorption of process. I have delved into string, cordage, twine a number of times in the last few years. 
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May 30,2015

Tim Johnson May 2015

This year has been very full of learning, and with the help of a RADF grant from the local Council I was able to attend a 5 day masterclass with UK artist and basket maker Tim Johnson
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February 27,2015

Ephemeral Art February 2015 

‘Ephemeral art is usually understood as reflecting a desire to dematerialize the art object in order to evade the demands of the market, or to democratize or challenge art museums.’
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December 17,2013

Nanna Lives Here December 2013

I have a Nanna that I never did meet, she had passed away before I was born. There is a space that surrounds her, that quietly bids us not to ask too many questions, she had five children that included two sets of twins, and she suffered mental illness for as much of her life as I have known.
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