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Dark Moon Wisdom ONLINE Session

Learn about what is actually meant by the term Dark Moon, and how the energy of this translates into our everyday lives. The moon has been a source of wisdom and time keeping since the beginning of this world as we know it, and there is an increasing desire for us to know more of how we can use this universal energy consciously to support us.

In days gone by we would have travelled in these moon cycles with ease and grace as the knowledge was inherent to our beings. Now as we’ve come from an interrupted ancestral lineage that moved through the industrial revolution, detaching us from this embodied knowledge. We need a few simple rituals and awareness brought into our everyday lives to harness once again our birth rite, to work in union with the moon and the interconnectedness of all beings.

This is a 60 minute recorded online session, plus workbook.

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Judy Pippen
Connect with nature's cycles

I found Anne's whole set up and process very settling and focused.