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FREE How to Make Brush & Mark Making Tools Online

In this Online Workshop you learn the fun and inspiring art of making your own brushes and mark making tools. Using foraged and recycled materials. (Excerpt from Mapping Place) Plus Bonus Ink Recipes

The pleasure of recording marks with your own self made brushes and pens is endless, and really helps you to connect to the landscape you are working within. This inspiring Course, shares step by step ideas of how to work with foraged material, and whittle your own wooden pen. Then I take you through a mark making exercise to help start you on your creative journey.

This Mini Workshop is a Excerpt taken from the online Mapping Place Course, if you’ve loved learning this technique and want to learn more creative ways to record and respond to nature, sign up for the Mapping Place Course. 





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Customer Reviews

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Pauline Rigby
Touching, feeling and thinking ‘place'

I was not consciously aware that I only ever considered plants indigenous to this place as Mark Making Tools. Yesterday, I spent 4 hours pulling out fishbone fern. Over the years there have been numerous workdays on this property, clearing fishbone fern, broad leaf paspalum and lantana that is invading the forest. I watched the video and there was fishbone fern . . . I did a double take! I am rethinking their ‘place’; the erosion mitigation of fishbone fern and broadleaf paspalum and the swarms of butterflies on lantana flowers . . . and perhaps I could use them as mark making tools . . .

Brush & Mark Making Made Easy

Thank you for this course, it was inspiring and I loved it. I would never have thought to make my own brushes but Anne made it easy to follow and it wasn't intimidating.

Cherryl Williams
Brushes, markmakers.

I made some brushes thankyou so much. They make awesome marks.

Brush and Mark Making Tools

Anne has a lovely way to make you feel inspired through her teaching, I loved this free course and am grateful I came across Anne’s work.

Aleta Bon

Anne continuously thinks outside the box when it comes to nature craft.
I've followed her weaving, eco dyeing, basket weaving and now brush making tutorials. She's so creative! I find her tutorials and workshops straightforward to follow and am continuously in awe of her knowledge of the natural world. Creating with Anne Harris calms me, provides me with new skills and insight and takes me to my happy place.
Thank you.