Brisbane Artisan WORKSHOP - Sensory Ink Markmaking 31st July 2021
Use all of your senses to create unique responses to your own landscapes. Anne Harris will share techniques to understand how we feel, see, smell, touch and taste the landscape as a sensory creative experience.
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Cooktown, Cape York Expo WORKSHOP Listening to Plants & Place June 2020

In this workshop you will explore experimental printing and natural ink making. Working with the plants that Sir Joseph Banks & Solander gathered during their voyage, you will print leaves and create exploratory mark making on paper. Each participant would take home 4 printed images and their exploratory samples.

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Local Artists – Local Content Art Prize 2021 - Artist Talk 27th March 2020
This is the seventh year, the Friends of the Regional Gallery, Caloundra in conjunction with the Caloundra Regional Gallery have created this event. Local artists from around the Sunshine Coast are invited to submit works that share the stories and connections to this beautiful, inspiring location. This year I am so excited to have my work created on during the Winter Solstice in 2020 at the Secret Cabin on Kabi Kabi Country Selected.
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