May 10,2021

Cooktown, Cape York Expo WORKSHOP Listening to Plants & Place June 2020

Cooktown & Cape York Expo Discovery Festival 

Cooktown & Cape York Expo 2021 is a ten day regional expo and a festival. 

Cook Shire have been planning a festival with the knowledge that 2020 marked the 250th anniversary of Captain James Cook’s voyage,  Lt James Cook spent seven weeks in Waymburr, now known as Cooktown, after the HM Bark Endeavour ran aground on the Great Barrier Reef. The planned 2020 Expo (which was cancelled due to Covid) was to celebrate Cooktown as one of the few places in Australia with an historical site of significance to the shared history of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, its natural setting still intact and recognisable after 250 years, where both cultures can gather together, and without debating Indigenous authenticity. 

The 2021 event will continue the 2020 theme, built around the first recorded act of reconciliation between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians in 1770, focusing on our important historical heritage of a shared history over the last 250 years.

I will be working in the Botanic Gardens from the 12th to the 17th of June. Workshops: 16th June, 10 am - 12.30 pm OR 17th June, 10am - 12.30 pm

Pre-purchased ticket required. In this workshop you will explore experimental printing and natural ink making. Working with the plants that Sir Joseph Banks & Solander gathered during their voyage, you will print leaves and create exploratory mark making on paper. Each participant would take home 4 printed images and their exploratory samples.

Tickets: $25 + BF