March 13,2023

Wattle - This Knowledge


The urgency of the bloom and the short life cycle

Fear of missing out

Light Bright free flowing moving through… air


Completion for the preparation

I feel that familiar foreboding of wanting the closure of the ending

Urgency Scarcity blocking the energy, the dark moon comes closer there are 5 days that will pass before the end of this moon.

Wattle is about endings, letting go, clearing cleansing creating clear passing

In a healed space this is like the blossoms cyclical and ease and grace, transition with clarity without baggage and lingering stuck energy

In the shadow space it is about fear, fear of letting go, and it brings clinging and needy behaviours. Endings and new beginnings are very linked, and fear of completely stepping out of the old to allow the new to take shape and blossom

The uncomfortable void and uncomfortable feeling as you leave one thing behind

That awkward space, of nothingness, can be total freedom or complete nakedness raw

Shadow wattle is dense and foreboding, its energy is unsettling, inertia knowing there is a path but unable to take the small steps to lead away from the shadow

In its healed state Wattle will dance and move and flow allowing transitions with joy and abundance. The strong leaves, bark and seeds that come next very grounded and strong.

The flowers are fleeting both in beauty and timing

There is no returning the transition release is final, no going back, this is the energy that is feared most, that uncertainty. Neither hanging on or letting go is wrong or right, it is just part of the journey, the more awareness that comes with understanding the shadows and the fear the emotions that are limiting and blocking

The more the light from within can begin to allow movement deep into the shadow fear and see it for what it is

From this space it becomes easier to trust and that pure essence of knowing allows the flow and freedom of lightness, trust and forward movement

This is the wattle medicine

This project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

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