March 12,2023

Eucalyptus - This Knowledge

The first day I went for my walk in the Maroochy Gardens, part of the process for me is collecting plant material, and this is whatever the garden is giving in abundance, or showing me. On this day it was a very windy winters day, the eucalyptus debris was everywhere, there was nothing else needed for me to understand except that on that day I was being called to work with Eucalyptus. In my personal life I was being introduced to a new book ‘Stillness is the Key’ by Ryan Holiday, in which the philosophy of Stoicism was brought to life. See how these collide, and then as I look at the piles of plant material that I have brought home over the last few weeks, each plant has a memory code a mnemonic wisdom that is embodied for me in the plant. 

Maroochy Botanic Gardens Plants from Anne Harris on Vimeo.


This project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

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