The Notion of an Ordinary Yarn

Officially Opened: Friday 23rd October at 6pm 
Dates: 23rd October to 6th December 2015
Location: Noosa Regional Gallery, Pelican Street, Tewantin, Qld, Australia

The story of the everyday fascinates me, I find beauty and rhythm in my surroundings and ways to use this to record and tell the stories. As art has from the beginning of time, told the stories before me. I use the places and people as inspiration, raising the status and acknowledging the ordinary lives of the everyday.

I choose to use craft based practices, I find this helps make direct links between process and people. The layers of meaning become infused both metaphorically and literally. The pigments, fibres and compounds get captured using techniques like eco dyeing, weaving, wood working, and traditional textile hand skills.