February 20,2023

This Knowledge - New Work in Progress

Working with the plants of place, this is the exploration of people, place and belonging and the interconnectedness of all beings. Researching a series of plants that are abundant on the Sunshine Coast Gubbi Gubbi/Kabi Kabi Country. Including native and introduced species. During the research I have explored the medicine, seeking conversations with people who have a connection to the plant, this is from a cultural perspective (first nations) medicinal, and spiritual. And also created process based explorations using, the traditional skills of my art practice, dyeing, ink making, printing and fibre explorations. This knowledge is documented and collated ready for a new body of work that seeks to share these plants and the process of connecting, to inspire others to use their own unique medicine for well being. 

This portfolio shows a snapshot of the work, for more information and deeper insights into the plants in this research look at my Journal HERE

If you are interested in exhibiting this work, or collaborating please contact me I would welcome the opportunity.

Runes - Cotton Tree

Rite Relationship between the salt water and the land. The heart holding love as the only place to truely be. The wisdom of this plant flows through the wisdom the runes open the pathways to be received. 

Sacred Objects

Walking Healing, sacred time processing, grounding, beach feathers, what has gone before, what truely is, clarity.

Welcome Cloth - Eucalyptus

Clearing, cleansing, preparing, fire, water, elements, purity, quantum physics, stoicism, mind/body/spirit, begin with the end in mind. 

Plant Diagnostics

Looking back is looking forward, drawing on the diagnostics of traditional dyeing techniques to know and understand the properties of the plants. The printed shapes a reflection of my European ancestry and the era of William Morris, who's daughter May Morris often unseen and unheard was instrumental in a lot of the creative developments. these shapes share the wisdom of women of the feminine Vagina, and of the ripples that go out when women are healed, also the reflection of looking inward, slowly understanding self through the universal wisdom of all. 


Tea Tree - Healing

The days spent walking, healing, processing, letting what truely is grief, death and the cycles of life move without fear.  The broom acknowledgement of the women before me who are the survivors of the witches that weren't burnt. The women that stand behind me, I use the cotton tree to hold the rite relationship of me, of place, of my mind, and the tea tree to sweep away, to clear, to heal, to move the energy of what has been. The preparation for ceremony, for the re-membering of how my pagan ancestors kept the mind and body clear of dis-ease. Embodying the plants of place.


 Where do I belong - Lantana, Cats Claw

The knowledge of these two very different energies, both introduced as ornamental plants, bringing comfort and familiarity.... Lantana, soft gentle and repairing, creating cover and energetically holding the shadows of the disturbed places, both on land and in the mind. Allowing for the shadow to be traversed by the mere humans, the shadow illuminated whilst safely held. Gentle Strength. Cats Claw, wild and free boundless and boundary-less, inspiring in its strength and tenacity, intimidating in its unabating will for freedom. 

Wattle - Sacred Journey

Walking in fear of what is holding you back, holding between the realms, from this to the next. Preparation, the journey of grief, sacred ceremony, what it is to truly be with the cycles of life, nothing holding you back, embracing what is. 

Hero Image and Video by Star Sarasvati

All other Images by Ebb & Flow Studio, Star Sarasvati and Anne Harris

This project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.