Tree Place Noosa Exhibition

Location: Noosa Regional Gallery, Queensland, Australia.
Dates: 7th December 2018 – 27th January 2019
Available for Sale: Yes

An exhibition drawing together 23 predominantly artists, practicing across a range of media from the traditional to the experimental. This project is the final chapter of an ancient trees journey back into community.

Participating Artists

  • Amanda Cole
  • Ancient Tree
  • Angus McDiarmid
  • Anika Annels
  • Anne Harris
  • Bianca Beetson
  • Bill Dorman
  • Caitlin Franzmann
  • Carol Russell
  • Gary Field
  • Jandamarra Cadd
  • Jeff Frazer
  • Jill Sampson
  • Joolie Gibbs
  • Leah Barclay
  • Lyndon Davis
  • Melinda Heal
  • Melissa Stannard
  • Noosa Pengari Students
  • Rebecca Ward
  • Richard Vaughan
  • Robert Andrew
  • Ross Annels
  • Scott Pilkington-Jones
  • Shane Christensen
  • Tamsin Kerr
  • Tim Johnson
  • Viki Murray


Anne Harris

Featured Artwork

Messages (E. terreticornis A Self Directed Residency with a tree), 2016
Natural Plant Dye on Silk,Wool 1420 x 3600 x 40

This series gives voice to the trees message of resilience and connectedness, of the cycle of oneness that it lives within. Everything an integral part of the interconnectedness, one supporting the other. The beauty of each leaf is simple and easily understood, there is such perfection in every part of this natural cycle.

Plant Study E. terreticornis, 2018
Digital Print on Cotton Paper, 1800 x 2000

Whilst working with a fallen tree in a self-directed residency, I became aware of the cycles of the tree within the landscape. Reducing this down to a set of composite still life images, recording the learned knowledge of life, death, decay and new life. From this I have developed an embodied memory of the tree, its life, its smells, how it feels, where it lives.