Unresolved - The Churchie 2015 Finalist

Unresolved – (Installation) photo by Tony Webdale

Hemp Canvas & Silk Cotton Hemp Swatches Eco Dyed, Wooden Chair 1700mm x 1300mm

This work is from the body of work Lovingly Interrupted exhibited in 2014 at Gallery 159 Brisbane.

The installation Unresolved is the final piece made for a mentored exhibition in 2014. I had visions of perfection, the most spectacular work accomplished so far. After months of preparation, I unrolled the dyed work to great disappointment. Nothing like I had hoped. And so it became an installation of unresolved ideas. The process for this work included collecting leaves, documenting place and time, the nautral pigments implanting unique prints onto the hemp fabric. The stack of small ‘sample’ squares that sit on the broken child’s chair, speak of despair and hours of experimentation and trials that have gone before. Finally haphazardly hanging the work on hooks on the wall, documents a pause of waiting, unresolved and unfinished work.

Selected for 2015 The Churchie Emerging Artist Award  award was established in 1987 as an art prize dedicated to innovation and excellence across contemporary, traditional and new media genres. Artists from all Australian states and territories are selected as finalists for the exhibition in a professional public gallery space.

Featured below next to Robert Andrew’s work on the left.