Wild Flower II

Location: Caloundra Regional Gallery, Qld, Australia
Dates: 3 May to Sunday 17 June 2018
Available for Sale: ?

This exhibition features work by pioneering Queensland artist and activist Kathleen McArthur, featuring collaborations with other ‘wild/flower’ women such as Judith Wright and their campaigns to protect the environment.

Participating Artists

  • Marvene Ash
  • Shannon Garson
  • Anne Harris
  • Ulrike Sturm


Nina Shadforth & Sue Davis

Featured Artwork

KNOW THYSELF – A Portrait in Artemisia argyi – Mugwort (diptych), 2018
Hemp, organic cotton & Mugwort dye, Silk Naturally Dyed stitching, 1000 x 550 each 

A Portrait of Jeunae using Artemisia argyi - Mugwort (Diptych) The duality that we see in this portrait, the beauty and the shadows that are layered in our colonised landscapes. Highlighting the stories of women that have the vision and clarity inspiring others to become embodied in the environment.

The age-old wisdom of the feminine from the beginning of time is explored in this work. In the ancient Greek city of Delphi, the temple of Apollo was built for the female Oracle who served Gaia (Mother Earth), carved into the stone above the entrance were the words 'know thyself’. At times in history this has been interpreted to mean if you know yourself you will know humanity.

The challenge for us now is how do we have this clarity of knowledge to invoke change, how do we share the landscape to inspire people to understand and connect with their surroundings. In the past we used the wisdom of the plants in the landscape, foraging for food, medicine and ritual. Linking directly into the cycles, and taking care to look after the earth that sustains us.

The sacred herb Artemisia named after the goddess Artemis the goddess of the natural environment (her twin brother is Apollo) this plant is considered an environmental weed in parts of Australia, however it has many medicinal and sacred properties, used in cultures all around the world in rituals of purification, it aids in clearing the mind and heightening the senses so you are able to see your true self.


Working with women in the environment and being inspired to explore and learn about the plants, the seasons and cycles, begins a journey. And as the journey unfolds, the landscape becomes known and you begin to feel like you belong. The landscape becomes intimate and personal, you begin to really see and be part of your surroundings. And when you find this embodied experience, the environment becomes like family. The Embodied Landscape.

Embodied Wallum (Progress dress),  2018
Linen, silk & natural dyes 1500 x 420 x 230

Embodied Wallum (Wallum dress), 2018
Hemp, organic cotton/silk & natural dyes, 1500 x 420 x 230

Embodied Wallum (Wild Wallum Women dress), 2018
Hemp, organic cotton/silk & natural dyes, 1500 x 420 x 230