FREE How to Make Brush & Mark Making Tools Online

In this Online Workshop you learn the fun and inspiring art of making your own brushes and mark making tools. Using foraged and recycled materials. (Excerpt from Mapping Place) Plus Bonus Ink Recipes

The pleasure of recording marks with your own self made brushes and pens is endless, and really helps you to connect to the landscape you are working within. This inspiring Course, shares step by step ideas of how to work with foraged material, and whittle your own wooden pen. Then I take you through a mark making exercise to help start you on your creative journey.

This Mini Workshop is a Excerpt taken from the online Mapping Place Course, if you’ve loved learning this technique and want to learn more creative ways to record and respond to nature, sign up for the Mapping Place Course. 

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Costings - Sacred Business School Online

Costings, what to include in a business or service costing and how to calculate sell prices for a sustainable business, Workbook, Template & Video included. Optional Extra 1 on 1 Deepening Session via zoom

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FREE Ink Recipe Ebook
Learn the two most useful ways of how to make natural ink from plant material. This covers all the basics and more, sharing a list of inspiring plants and full resource list for more curious play.
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Sacred Business School 5 Week Online Workshop plus Zoom calls

This workshop shares a feminine, earth-centred approach to doing business, exploring costings, budgets, cycles, rituals and planning. This exciting new offering will hold space for women to understand and work through their own unique journey of what it is to be in business, create wealth from a place of abundance and to be sovereign unto themselves. 

All Materials, Workbook and 5 Live Zoom calls, plus a Facebook group are Included.

Facilitated by Anne Harris who is a Sunshine Coast Creative with a back ground in Business, Women’s Mysteries and Building Sustainable Creative Communities.

Start Date: 30th July Thursday

Brisbane (EST) Time: 6.30pm to 8.30pm

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Eco Printing on Fabric made simple Online

Eco Printing Online Course

Includes bonus masterclass videos!

The art of using leaves to imprint their mark onto fabric, using the natural chemicals contained within the plants and heat. This simple and effective method has the beauty of allowing you to use the minimal amount of foraged leaves and create very detailed, delicate results.

What's included:

  • Instructions and step by step for all the basic information on what you need and how to create leaf prints from foraged plant material.
  • 35-page full-colour PDF eBook
  • Videos of all the Basic Components & Techniques
  • Master Class, to troubleshoot your way to clear prints
  • 1x PDF Record Keeping Template
  • List of Resources & Suppliers

The videos share the foundation information, in a very easy to follow process and includes,  Materials, Fabric, Suppliers, Mordanting, Bundling and also a Masterclass so that once you have the basics sorted you can move forward to achieve high detail, clear and concise prints, with clearly defined colour and detail. This course demystifies the process of how to go from murky brown leaf prints to clear, defined unique work. 

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Birthing your Business: Sunshine Coast 1 Day Workshop

When we create an idea for a business, there is an energetic moment when we birth this into the world. Whether we do this consciously or unconsciously the process still occurs. When we are seeking to work from an earth centred approach and we fully embody this process we can gain clarity and focus for what is needed within the collaboration. Using astrology and the non-human allies of plants and minerals we create a container of support and wisdom that you can use to help you and your business to grow to be nurtured, connected and sustainable. Included is a 30 minute Business Astrology Session with Mikailah Star Witch. 

Where: Secrets from the Honey Tree in Eumundi, Queensland

When: Sunday the 8th August

Time: 10am - 3pm

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Ethical Marketing: Sunshine Coast 1 Day Workshop

In this workshop we embody what ethical marketing feels like and how you can create your marketing voice so that it feels authentic, honest and sustainable. We look at ways to understand abundance vs scarcity, and how to sell products and services so that the selling process is in alignment with the core ethical values, of a reciprocated earth centred business practice.

Where: Secrets from the Honey Tree in Eumundi, Queensland

When: Sunday the 5th September

Time: 10am - 3pm

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Connecting with the Soul of your Business: Sunshine Coast 1 Day Workshop

This one day face to face workshop is for people looking to understand a new way of collaborating with the economic, financial and wealth exchanges that are part of our business world. If you are a business owner, service provider or looking to start something new, this will take you on a journey of connection and earth centred business practices. We will connect to the centre of ourselves in order to flow with the energetic being that is calling us to collaborate and bring our offerings to this world, to be the change we need to be.

Where: Secrets from the Honey Tree in Eumundi, Queensland

When: Sunday the 25th July

Time: 10am - 3pm

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Leaf Printing Online Workshop

This online workshop shares all you need to know to be able to make beautiful unique, detailed Ink leaf prints wherever you are. 

Using Ink and some simple tools, we look at how to select the best leaf for a successful print, what to do for variety of different types of leaves, and I also share the tricks I’ve learnt along the way to trouble shoot and help you get the perfect detailed leaf print.

 This Mini Workshop is a Excerpt taken from the online Mapping Place Course, if you’ve loved learning this technique and want to learn more creative ways to record and respond to nature, sign up for the Mapping Place Course.

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Sensory Mapping, Ink & Markmaking Online

This beautiful Online workshop shares creative techniques, that enable you to use all of your senses to create unique responses to your own landscapes. Filmed over two days in the Hinterland of Kabi Kabi Country on the Winter Solstice. Queensland Australia. A beautiful collection of videos and workbooks sharing techniques to understand how we feel, see, smell, touch and taste the landscape as a sensory creative experience.

Included in this workshop are Ink Making, Mark Making, Sensory Mapping & Brush Making. 

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Rosemary, Re-memebering our Ancestors Online Workshop

Rosemary -  Ink Making, Natural Dyeing, Rituals  and Re-membering our Ancestors.

In this Online Wokrshop you are introduced to Rosemary as a plant that has a incredible amount of folklore embedded in its history. It has been used in cleansing and purifying incenses since ancient times, and has an array of medicinal uses.  Her other characteristics are she is a plant known for remembering, used in ritual at funerals, and also enhances ones own memory.

The idea of working and sharing the Journey of Rosemary began in 2020 when I was looking for ways to connect with my European ancestry. During the 250th Anniversary of Captain Cook’s maiden voyage along the east coast of Australia I spent time deeply listening and beginning to know this plant. In this course you will get a glimpse of this, through learning how to make ink, natural dyeing and ideas for your own unique rituals, you will learn how to embody the lessons of this plant and awaken your own Re-membering.

Included in this workshop is a BONUS Heidi Merika Herabalist and Plant Spirit Medicine Women shares her insights of how to understand and work with this plant. 

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